Bachata Sensual

Our main course is the Bachata Sensual. Bachata is a style of social dance from the Dominican Republic, generally speaking there are more movements in the lower body up to the hips than the upper body. Bachata Sensual is considered a Fusion Style (together with Bachatango, Modern Bachata etc). It is characterized mainly by body waves, dips and body isolations. Src: Wikipedia, link

We organize two classes, beginner and improver, both held on Monday.

Beginner Class | Tuesday 8.00 – 9.00 pm

The aim is to teach the basic steps of Sensual Bachata to leaders and followers. Basic might be considered simple but they are fundamental in order to dance on the dance floor and once you have strong basics you are able to dance a whole song enjoying and making your partner enjoy it, as well.

Improver Class | Tuesday 9.00 – 10.00 pm 

The goal is to make the leader able to dance, feeling and following the rhythm of the music without even thinking of the steps but being focused on the follower weight in order to make her shine. For the follower the aim is to be able to follow the leader without knowing the moves, without anticipating and still performing her own lady styling and not only the standard step.

Quoting a famous movie: “The man may be the head of the household. But the woman is the neck, and she can turn the head whichever way she pleases.” (My Big Fat Greek Wedding). Same for the dancing, the leader decides the moves but is the follower that makes the couple shine on the dance floor.

Social Club | Tuesday 10.00 – 11.00 pm 

We want our students to enjoy what they learn and to improve as fast as they want. That is why we offer 1 hr of social dancing for free, giving the chance to everyone to practice new and old moves. The social club is mixed level, so the beginners can dance with more expert people and both the teachers are there to correct the students.


Both the classes start with a warm up specifically created for each of them. The beginner class warm up has been designed to learn how to isolate body movements, mainly shoulders, chest and hips.
The improver class warm up, instead, is mainly focused on learning to speed up movements mainly related to foot steps and to perform each move with style and body confidence.


Everyone is welcome to the class. There is no age limit nor you need to come in couple. For info about the price.